What is Stabilis Lucra?

Stabilis Lucra is a forex trading bot like fapturbo which has won many prestigious awards in Forex Expos held in 2017 and 2017. The bot is backed with real trading proofs where it has generated 100,000 EUR in profits.

  • Product Name: Stabilis Lucra
  • Author Name: David Jukl
  • Product Type: Forex Robot
  • Platform: MT4
  • Supported Brokers: Any MT4 broker (all major brokers)
  • Payment Gateway: Clickbank and Clickbetter
  • Refund Policy: 60 Days
  • Customer Support: Yes, Included


Stabilis Lucra Review

Is it a SCAM?

No. This bot is developed David Jukl who has about 10 years experience in forex robot development. This is not a paid actor or any marketing gimmick like that, its a real person standing behind a real bot.

Stabilis Lucra has verified trading proofs on real money accounts, not just backtests.

Moreover, the product comes with a 2-month unconditional money back guarantee. You have enough time to decide you want to keep it or not.

Is it worth the price?

Stabilis Lucra is certainly a high ticket product. The product has its quality and it is regarded as the best forex robot by the industry experts (expo awards). This bot is great for huge deposit trading. When you are speaking about hundreds of thousand dollars in profits, 2 grants for the tool is not a big deal.

If you hardly have any money to invest, then it might not be worth the price for you. Though note that you can start with as low as $300.

Will I make money with Stabilis Lucra?

Well, no bot can guarantee assured profits. Stabilis Lucra has verified track record of making consistent profitable trades. So, one can conclude that the bot is almost sure to make profits for you in the months and years to come.

You can read more about Stabilis Lucra here.


Stabilis Lucra Discount Bonus

There is a special ~$300 discount now on the official page. You can get the system for just $490 one time fee. There are other options as well. Click the below button to order Stabilis Lucra. You can view other options in the order page too.