Fapturbo 3 Discount Bonus – $20 Cashback Rebate

FapTurbo Discount FapTurbo is a really good robot that has proven to make profits. The retail price of FapTurbo is just $39.95 per month which is next to nothing considering what it offer. But who wont like an extra discount?

I will give you $20 Discount in the form of cash-back rebate (to your PayPal account) if you purchase fapturbo my special link (link below)


Follow the below steps to get the $20 cash back rebate:

  1. Clear your browser cookies or open a new incognito (private) window. Google How, if you don’t know.
  2. Click the above special link. This will take you straight to the FapTurbo sales page.
  3. Purchase FapTurbo from the official home page.
  4. Fill the below form.

FapTurbo Discount – Bonus Rebate Claim Form

Name (required)

Contact Email (required)

Date of Purchase (required)

Clickbetter Order Number (required) - you can find this in your purchase receipt you got by email

Paypal Email Address (required) - this is where I will send the rebate money

Additional Info - If you have to tell something extra

You will receive a response from me after reviewing the details. If everything is fine you will receive the rebate amount to your Paypal after 60 days (time period in which you can ask for refund)


  • Note: You get the exact same product and exact same support no matter you claim the rebate or not. You are buying from the official homepage just like others. I am simply sharing the commissions I get from the official team (I am an affiliated marketing person of FapTurbo)
  • Note: The rebate is provided by me and NOT the official FapTurbo Team
  • Note: Do not ask the official Fapturbo Support for the rebate. They have nothing to do with this.


FapTurbo Discount Rebate – Disclaimer / Important notes

  • Note that the rebate will only be paid if you click the above link right before you purchase, and only if your purchase is tracked under me.
  • Your rebate claim is cancelled if you refund the product. The payment will be made only after the refund period (2 months)
  • The rebate paid is only for the first month bill (not recurring). i.e You get $20 in total and not every month.
  • Your rebate is cancelled if any required field in the rebate form is not filled or filled with invalid data.
  • You need to have a proper Paypal account to get paid.
  • You are also void of this offer if you use any other discount that reduce your retail price from $39.95/mo (excluding tax).


Fapturbo discount bonus rebate

FAQ from the official website