Nicola Delic’s Forex Master Levels – Special $250 Discount

This is a quick update on the forex market. There is a new forex trading system called Forex Master Levels. Its from the same guy called Nicola Delic who has previously released many physically delivered products.

forex master levels

Forex Master Levels is also a home delivered product with a set of 4 DVDs and a trading manual along with the online members area and webinars. Overall, it looks like a great package for $997. But the good thing is there is a whopping discount of $250 in the system and it can be found here.

Trend Profiteer $100 Discount Bonus

One of hottest news on today’s Forex systems market is the launch of Michael Nurok’s premium forex signals system called Trend Profiteer. Trend Profiteer is an advanced trading software that analyzes the market data in-depth and produces accurate Buy/Sell signals on the right time. Alerts are even delivered on your phone before the trend swings so you can make effective trades without sticking yourself in front of large monitors and confusing charts.


The system is tailored for amateurs and it comes with a detailed video tutorials series starting with the basics of forex trading. It can also run in automated mode and all you will have to will be to supervise the system. You can download the system instantly and start even today. You will receive the premium trend management software and associated guides, the entire video lectures, an online dashboard…etc. Additionally, every customer will also enjoy many bonus products which are worth thousands.

The system is priced at $997 though there are discounts available (in the above link). One can buy the system without any worries as it comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee for around 2 months. You can actually try the indicators and see for yourself if it works for you. There is only few system like Trend Profiteer in the market and this is expected to be here for quite a couple of years.


Trend Profiteer Analysis

You can watch a lot of real trading proofs in the official website (link above). There is nothing negative about this system at this moment. We will need to wait for a couple of months to see the real customer review to pop up online.

It is also important to note that Trend Profiteer is/has:

✓ Coming from a genuine forex trader/teacher.

✓ Provide in-depth video tutorial and guides on using the system.

✓ 60 days refund guarantee on the system.


Trend Profiteer Discount

There is a special VIP discount on Trend Profiteer. You can get $100 off on the system. You can visit the discounted sales page by clicking the link below.

Trend Profiteer Discount Page

Forex Equinox by Russ Horn

Hello traders,

Russ Horn is back to the market with yet another forex trading system named Forex Equinox. Forex Equinox is an advanced forex trading system that is home delivered to you after order. Unlink Fapturbo this is a high ticket product sold for $997. The product is basically a set of DVDs and a trading manual shipped to your place. You also get access to webinars conducted by Russ and always be updated on the system. You can also interact with other traders.

Even though the product is $997, the site below can get you a discount of $247. Also note that you are entitled to a refund guarantee on the product, and so you can get the entire money back in case you don’t like the product. You can check Forex Equinox at

Forex Equinox by Russ Horn
Forex Equinox by Russ Horn

Ultimate Profit Solution by Toshko Raychev – $250 Discount

Ultimate Profit Solution is a new Forex System from Toshko Raychev which is set to launch on 29th February 2017. This is a new forex trading method which fresh and based on proven techniques and has been tested in real trading account. Toshko is well known in the market having authored two great system in the past. This new forex system is physical (home delivered) like the others and consists of video course/lectures. There is a membership access for webinars on updated on the system and community interactions with Toshko and team.

Ultimate Profit Solution

The main features of the product include:

  • A physical product which is delivered to your home. Not a download or an online video.
  • Comes from a reputed team.
  • A system based on proven scientific principle.
  • A good course with a new fresh trading strategy.
  • Online portal for support and interaction with the author and fellow traders.
  • Updates on the system through webinars.
  • Sold through Clickbank payment processor.

Toshko is an active trader and spends a good time in analyzing finance ew and charts. He has got a gift to conveying his methods to fellow listeners in a good way. The system retails at $997 in the home page. You are entitled to a 60 Days money back guarantee when you purchase Ultimate Profit Solution.

Thought this is the price on the website, some websites have put up a technique to get Ultimate Profit Solution for $750 ($247 Discount). Be sure to check it out if you are going to purchase the system

Scientific Trading Machine Review & $250 Discount – Nicola Delic

The forex market is kinda buzzed with the upcoming launch of a new forex trading system called Scientific Trading Machine, which is brought by a fellow trader and teacher Nicola Delic. This forex system is based on proven scientific principles and thus the name Scientific Trading Machine comes out. It is not a downloadable product like many others rather is a complete set of DVD disks sent to the location of the customer and retails at around $997 (unless you use this).

The package customers get include 6 DVD discs, a trading manual and access to the online membership area. This online portal is another cool part of the system. Each and every customer can access the portal and interact with Nicola himself and his team of traders. You can ask questions and get support and updates on the system – You are not alone! This is a great part of the system as you are not done with a one-time product. Forex market keep changing and you need to adapt to it and updates on the system would be helping you. Moreover, you will be able to attend webinars hosted by Nicola every now and then. They even say the system is worth over $2000, but you can get for $697 including the discount mentioned above.

The product is not at all kinda of a scam scheme because it’s a serious stuff that is shipped to the physical address and is updated frequently. Moreover, you get an incredible 2 months refund policy along with the system – in any case, you don’t like Scientific Trading Machine, simply return it and get all the money you gave for the system.


scientific trading machine

Automated forex trading robots (software) for better trade

In today’s digital world, trading forex is considered as one of the most profitable ways to make money online. It is a convenient business that requires minimal investment. The emergence of Automated forex trading robots (software) has mad it even more rewarding. Traders can now carry on their business without being present.

What Automated forex trading robots (software) entails
Automated forex trading is a concept that was designed by experts to ease trade for humans. It is the use of forex robots that enter into business in place of humans. The system analyses the market and price charts, identifies key signals, news that may impact the market and profitable pairs and then places the trade. By using the software, on can increase their productivity in business and keep away from major losses.

Benefits of using forex robots in trade

• Automated forex trading robots don’t require expertise to use
Automated forex trading robots (software) are very easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert to implement them in your trade. All you have to do is to find a trusted software, download and install then you can start trading. However, it is important to have some basic information on how the systems work and also research on the software before you invest in it.

• Automated robot increases profitability
The software responds to the changing market immediately thus making it possible to generate many orders. As soon as the set trade criteria is met, the system immediately executes the trade. An immediate response is also crucial as it affects the outcome of the deal.

• Automated forex trading robots (software) allows you to trade multiple accounts
With an automated system, you can trade multiple accounts or execute various trading strategies at once. The software can scan through the market to monitor trades and generate orders within a matter of seconds. This could help realize forex trading goals that seemed unreal or unachievable.

• Automated forex trading robots (software) don’t make decisions based on emotions or psychology
One of the greatest advantages of using automated systems is that their decisions are not emotional based. Emotion led decisions have been identified as one of the reasons why most traders loose so much money.

• Robots are consistent
Most Automated software is designed in such a way to make them consistent with their decisions.

• Automated robots are very useful for currency speculators
This is because price discrepancies are evident immediately, the systems can read the information soon enough, and the trade will be executed.

• Automated software will run the trade even when you are not there
Robots can trade forex on your behalf when you are busy doing other things. There will be no need to spend a lot of time analysing the market. The software can do this for you anytime of the day or night. All you have to do is power your computer and leave the system running as you go on with your day to day activities or retire to rest in the evening. You need not monitor or supervise its working.