This website is all about FapTurbo Forex Robot. In short, FAPTurbo is an automated forex trading software that make currency trading in your account to generate you profit. This is fully automated and all you have to do is to purchase the tool and set it up against your account.

I am giving a brief intro on forex trading, but if you are already familiar with those, please scroll below.


What is Forex Trading?

Forex Trading is nothing but trading of currencies. Forex is simply the exchange of currencies – i.e sell one currency and get another. Example : Buy 100 EUR giving 112 USD (this is the rate at the time of writing). The price of a currency pair change from time to time depending on various factors.

You can Google on forex trading to know more. Here is one link

The profit comes when you buy a currency when the price is low and sell it when the price high. This is a risky game as you can never know for sure if the price will go up or down. If you are very much in to finance, then you can predict rise/fall and buy/sell accordingly.


What is Forex Trading Robot / Forex EA?

As you know forex trading need you to be good with finance market to predict the rise or fall of a currency pair. For the same reason most of them find it difficult to trade. Here is where forex robots come in to play. They are simply softwares that work with your trading accounts to make buy or sell on currencies. These softwares has algorithms that can predict rise or fall of currencies and can make trade accordingly.

Of course they are not always correct and these algorithms can go wrong, and there is a substantial amount of risk here too. But a very good forex robot can make profits, even though they make wrong trades once in a while.


FapTurbo Forex Robot

FapTurbo is a forex robot, perhaps one of the first automated forex trading tool in the market and probably the most sold forex software on the planet. FapTurbo was a mega hit in the forex market, and later on a second version was released with more features and currency pairs. They release frequent updates to the software to cope up with the changes in market and right now its on version 2.4 (at the time of writing).


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FapTurbo Review : Features

FAPTurbo makes it unique form other softwares by its features. It is a fully mature time proven product that get frequent updates. Here are some of the advantages of choosing FAPTurbo.

  • Its 100% automated. All you have to do is to purchase the tool and keep the bot running.
  • It comes auto-configured in MyFXChoice broker. Its plug n play!
  • Time proven, mature algorithms. You can see profit proof below.
  • It can trade on may currency pairs, and now on Bitcoins too.
  • Automatic risk scaling and Built-in loss prevention.
  • Make good number of trade a week (about 10-20)
  • 100% money back guarantee for 2 months.

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FapTurbo Review : Trading Proof

Enough of the talk! Lets see some proof.

The below trade account started with $5,100 in account in 2010/2011 and in 2016 April the balance is over $400,00. That is all done by FapTurbo alone and its a pretty good result.

fapturbo proof



FapTurbo Review : Is FapTurbo Scam?

Its not a SCAM. Its a solid good product coming from a reputed team. It has been in the market for quite a long time and has shown decent consistency. Whether you make money with it is a different question though. It can depend on lot of factors!

But its not a stupid software or an internet scam. Its sold through Clickbank one of the most reputed payment processor.

You also get unconditional money back guarantee. You don’t like the product, you can simply ask for refunds and you will get 100% of your money back.

fapturbo scam


FAPTurbo Q/A

Will I make money with FapTurbo?

It depends. Its performing good now and is generating profits. No robot can be guaranteed to make 100% profit trades all the time. In fact, no human can do that either.

There is an amount of risk when you do this. But FAPTurbo is still one of the best forex robots out there. Its mature and get frequent updates. Also it has got loss prevention to protect you from financial loss.

Also you can start with a small amount and invest more if you safe and good.


How many currency pairs can it trade?

FapTurbo can trade in 8 currency pairs. It can also trade Bitcoin cryptocurrency.


What other bonus do I get when I buy FAPTurbo?

You get FAPBitcoin and Bitcoin Signal Indicator as bonus.



With all that, I think FapTurbo is a pretty good tool to generate money on autopilot. There are lot of so called auto-money-makers on internet and many of them are crap. This is something that make sense – we know how it works, what it does, we have proof, its been here for quite a couple of years and more over we have unconditional money back guarantee.


FapTurbo Price

FapTurbo retails at $149 and this include all modules and 100% refund guarantee.Its a very very good deal at that price considering what it does. Moreover, you will get updates in future as they are released.

And here is another good news, you can get $10 cash-back when you purchase fapturbo from this page


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